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Women in Construction

There was a lot of hubbub in the news recently related to representation of women in the construction industry. Several articles including this one and this one that talked about the construction industry's treatment of women and the lingering effects during these times of a labor shortage; that doesn't seem to be giving a signal that it will ease anytime soon. Did you know that women make up only 9.9% of the construction industry? My hat goes off to all the women who make up that 9.9%. What do we think it will take to increase that number? It's not a metric that will change overnight, but everything and everyone has to start somewhere, right? I'm proud of our team at BigHire who are working to make sure everyone who's qualified and passionate about working in the construction industry, including women, gets a shot.

In case you're interested in other industries where women make up a very small percentage of the workforce, here are a few:

  • Software development (19.4%)

  • Firefighting (4.4%)

  • Farming (26.2%)

  • Architecture and engineering (16.5%)

  • Aircraft pilots and flight engineers (5.6%)

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