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Updated: Apr 15, 2021

Starting a business is hard. I mean really, really hard, like one of the hardest things one can sign oneself up for. There’s so much to do, to learn, to respond to, to prove the naysayers wrong... There are so many moments of doubt, moments when you celebrate what you think are two steps forward only to realize six weeks later that no, those were actually three steps back. You wonder if the problem you’ve committed to solving is really that important. You (and others) wonder if your team is the right one to solve the problem at hand. You wonder if you should throw in the towel, after all getting to bed at 11pm, is a whole lot better than working until 3am.

The thing is though, if it’s your problem to solve those late nights, moments of uncertainty, steps taken backward instead of forward all become part of the journey. Each misstep or setback adds to your momentum. Each setback helps you build your resolve.

In launching BigHire we have not wavered, instead, we have been encouraged by everything that's come our way, the good and the bad. We’re committed and excited to work towards creating the best end-to-end platform that connects construction companies who seek to build better teams with workers.

For us, this journey began by trying to solve a critical problem that was hindering the progress of a single construction company. This problem pertained to the company’s ongoing struggle to find, hire and train individuals with the right experiences and skills. Our research quickly showed there were many companies with the same pain point. Many of the owners and hiring managers asked us to revisit them once our platform was up and running and that was how it all started.

We can proudly say that we have gone live with version 1.0 of the BigHire platform and are working to iterate and improve the product while getting the word out about the value we bring. We are excited about this journey to serve one of the most important industries – construction.

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