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Tech High School Preparing Students for their Futures 🎓

There are multiple routes to beginning a career. Some young people choose to go the traditional one and focus on obtaining a college education, while others forge ahead by choosing the path of obtaining a technical education. They choose to go the route of focusing on their academics while also learning a specific set of skills that will put them in a position to enter the workforce when they graduate from high school. J.M. Wright Technical High School is one of those schools preparing their students to be "critical thinkers and productive citizens." The school is based in Stamford, Connecticut on a beautiful campus that seems to have been designed to uplift and inspire. The school offers programs in everything from automotive technology to carpentry, electrical, and information technology. BigHire is proud to be partnering with Wright Tech in helping these young people get hands-on experience. We'd like you to come along with us on the journey of educating and building the construction workforce. This is one of the many ways we are connecting employers to workers in the field.

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