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Simplifying Hiring and Training in the Construction Industry

As the labor shortage within the construction industry has grown, it has become increasingly important for contractors and business owners to re-evaluate the way that they search for talent. The outdated methods of calling up acquaintances, posting ads on job boards, and contracting staffing agencies are unreliable, and business owners lose time and money before finding suitable workers, and even then, the same methods may not work the next time.

BigHire was started with the goal of combatting these exact issues. We are a recently established start-up company that connects companies and workers in the construction industry. We have created a consistent and easy-to-use platform for workers and companies to find one another, simplifying both the hiring and training that is often needed.

A Fresh Approach

At the center of BigHire’s value for business owners is quick and straightforward access to talent exclusively for the construction industry, right at the click of a button. The simplicity of our process, the convenience of our platform, and the transparency of our services all work towards modernizing and simplifying recruitment for business owners. If these aren't enough, here are just a few reasons why you should choose BigHire to staff your next project:

1. Our Pricing. We offer a subscription with pricing that is transparent and competitive.

2. We’re focused on construction and the trades. Both our subscriptions and the way that we filter workers caters to the industry.

3. We’re not a middleperson. Because job seekers on our site are not employees of BigHire, we don’t expect you to pay us outside of your subscription. Just make sure to check-in and let us know about your experience!

4. We’re engaged not only in filling the labor gap but developing the workforce. So if you are a contractor who offers apprenticeships and training, we’d love to partner with you and others like you to make education in the trades accessible for everyone.

How it Works

Step One: Sign up

Sign up as a company, making sure to fill in as many details about your business as possible so we know how best to help you. But don’t worry; we believe the only way to truly help your business is to get to know you, so our team will always follow up with you, whether it’s for more details or just to understand your business better.

Step Two: Purchase a Subscription plan

Once you are a paying subscriber to our site, you may post jobs, request workers, and more. Don’t worry though, the first month is free! Click here for details about our subscription plan.

Step Three: Find workers!

So, what are you waiting for? Click here and sign up. You can reach us over the phone at 888-324-4447 and through email at Don't forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook for updates and new service offerings. We look forward to helping you build a better team!

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