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Outdoor Sanctuaries are Redefining Urban Living

Updated: May 8

As the demand for outdoor living areas continues to rise, construction companies are increasingly leveraging their design, construction, and project management expertise to help their clients realize their vision for creating an inviting space outside.

While outdoor living spaces have always been a valued feature in the American home, in recent years, there has been an exciting rebirth, and, in many cases, re-envisioning of this concept. A January 2021 industry survey found that 58% of Americans planned to make a purchase of at least one piece of outdoor furniture or accessories that year.

The uptick in the number of homes that boast leisurely comfort outdoors is nothing short of astounding. These spaces have come a long way in both style and function compared to those of the suburban heyday of the Postwar Era. They typically include decks, gazebos, patios, fire pits, and gardens that serve as both exterior designs and also as safe havens where we can relax and entertain guests while enjoying nature.

This recent growth trend is a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic, which placed restrictions on indoor gatherings, leading people to turn to the outdoors as safe alternatives for socializing. The demand for U.S. outdoor living products was at $43 billion in 2022, and while demand has declined to roughly $41 billion in 2023, spending continues to be above pre-pandemic levels.

The re-embracing of outdoor living is a national trend, but nowhere is it  more inspiring than in the coldest parts of the country; places in the Northeast, Midwest and Northwest regions. Despite the harsh winters, many residents make the most of these spaces, transforming them into year-round sanctuaries that can be comfortable even when temperatures drop with the inclusion of fireplaces as well as electrical-based heating mechanisms.

As one of the more creative specializations of the construction sector, we can point to the advancements in technology as another reason for the emergence of this trend. Innovations in materials, lighting, irrigation, appliances, and entertainment systems have made it more logistically easy to break traditional bounds and build outside, revolutionizing how we use and enjoy the entirety of our homes.

Making it all work requires the help of talented skilled tradesmen and tradeswomen. Masons, carpenters, electricians, designers, landscapers all play a role in creating these modern spaces. The increased demand for this type of construction has boosted the outdoor living market and created numerous job opportunities. 

As we look ahead to spring and summer, let’s take a moment to embrace the tranquil and rejuvenating outdoor spaces created for relaxation, recreation, and connection with loved ones.

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