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More Workers Needed!

The construction industry, like so many others, needs more workers. Not a day goes by where that headline isn't featured in an article or discussed during client conversations we have with employers. This issue is even more evident during this time of year when projects are lined up, permits have been approved and construction crews are ready to take advantage of longer, warmer days to knock out multiple projects. We're still operating in the age of the great resignation, great readjustment, or whatever else you'd like to call it. Workers are now taking advantage of openings in all sorts of industries to try something new. Workers are also creating hybrid working situations for themselves; starting side hustles while working "regular" jobs. We're hearing that employers must be more creative, pay more, allow more flexibility, and make jobs more likable... With all these suggestions being implemented by employers, it's still tough as nails to find and hire workers who will show up to work week after week.

At BigHire, we continue to operate in this environment with so many of you and yet we remain excited and motivated every time we talk to a worker who's just signed up on our platform and maybe the right fit for a role we're working on. We'll continue the good fight and partner with companies to help them navigate this environment, creatively and thoughtfully. We'll also continue to coach workers on landing the job that's right for them in the long term. We are sure of one thing, that the current dynamics won't last forever. In the meantime, if you know of anyone who's looking to work in the trades, let them know about BigHire!

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