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5 Ways to Practice Sustainable Construction

Recently, scientists and environmental activists have been appealing to everyone to do their part to save our planet from a potential climate catastrophe. These scientists claim we must change our ways by 2025 to avoid catastrophic climate effects. To support our collective effort, here are 5 ways to practice sustainable construction. The goal of sustainable construction is to reduce energy expenses, waste, and the overall consumption of raw materials.

Here’s the list: 1. Use alternative concrete - Reduce carbon dioxide production by almost 50% by using concrete made from plastic and recycled materials.

2. Limit materials used - Take time to assess your project at the outset to reduce material waste.

3. Take advantage of plastic - This material won’t degrade, recycled plastic can be taken advantage of by incorporating it into various materials.

4. Utilize renewable energy - Choose solar, wind, or hydro energy for your operations to reduce pollution. Educate your clients on the enhancements made over the past decade in this space.

5. Choose local suppliers - Go with local suppliers. Your project will take fewer trips when it comes to material transportation and decrease waste. By taking these steps we can reduce our carbon footprint over time and help our planet breathe. BigHire does its part to connect workers with green and sustainable construction projects. It may be challenging to adopt sustainable construction practices but these measures are necessary to ensure our future. What are some ways you're practicing sustainable construction?

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